Lockdown has had its difficult times. From no toilet roll, to bad haircuts, it’s been really hard to look and most importantly feel you’re best.  Having your haircut has become something of a memory.  Here at Sage Hair Care, we thought it would be only right to share some tips with you on how you can maintain your hair until your post-lockdown freshen up. 

These tips come from our own knowledge and understanding.  But everyone’s hair, type and style is different, which, is why we have decided to summarise what we believe are the top 5 tips for all styles.

Here are the 5 things that you shouldn’t do to your hair during lockdown:

So, DON’T…

1…Forget to brush it.

Not brushing your hair is the worst thing you can do for your hair.  Not only does it leave it dry and unworkable but, after a while, your hair will begin to knot together and form dreads.  Now, we at Sage we have nothing against the Bob Marley look… when done intentionally, but please guys, remember to brush your hair when its wet, before it has dried!

2…Wash it too much.

Over-washing your hair isn’t the worst thing, however, when you wash your hair too much, it may have a tendency to dry up and lose its shine.  At Sage, we recommend washing your hair every-other day, this will allow your hair to soak up its natural oils and restore its shine, without looking greasy. 

3…Use too much product.

Not having a haircut doesn’t mean you can overload your hair.  If you haven’t used product before, that’s cool – but please contact a member of the Sage team to direct you or email the company that you bought the product from for simple directions.  We don’t want to be walking around looking like a homemade Elvis, do we?

4…Forget it’s there – if it is.

The key to happiness is to be grateful and mindful.  Many people would die for luscious locks… But, DON’T take it for granted!  Remember to wash your hair, use a treatment that you feel necessary and apply an appropriate product if you think it will help you for work etc.  This lockdown won’t last forever, but let’s try and make sure our hair does!

5…Shave it off! – Don’t even think about it.

Shaving it off just means that you’ll have to wait even longer to visit us!

So, those are our top 5 tips for what you shouldn’t do to your hair.  Please take these on board during this unusual time.  Don’t be neglectful and most importantly (I’ll say it again) don’t shave it off. If you have….well, any questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team.

We hope that these tips work well for you and that everyone stays safe during the pandemic.  If you are looking for products to help maintain your hair, please have a look at our website for details on which products to use and how to use them correctly for your chosen style.

Thank you! 

The Sage Hair Care Team.

Choose Timeless Precision.

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